Heading in a whole other direction …

We are everyone, and we are no one. We are your brother, your sister, your mother and/or your father. We are your aunts, uncles, cousins, friends & neighbours.

We could be your pizza delivery, or your boss at work. We could be your dream come true, or your worse nightmare. That’s up to you.

We are All Jakkd Up and we are the 99%.

We Are Anonymous. We Are Anonymiss.

We Stand Up Against The Unjust. We Stand With The Oppressed, The Weak, And The Vulnerable. We Stand With Victims Of Senseless Violence & Crimes.

As we are ever-changing, we are non-conforming. We challenge and plow through anyone oppressor who stands in our way.

For more information on what we are, and who we are, we invite you to view : Anonymous: ‘The Creed’ | Transcript:    http://wangy-wagnols-transcript.blogspot.ca/2014/06/anonymous-creed.html?m=1


We have taken over.

We Are Legion.

We Do Not Forgive.

We Do Not Forget.